Goodyear is devoted to growing and advancing in tire technology.  Product research and knowledge allows Goodyear to advance driving excellence. in Atlanta is proud to carry Goodyear tires. 

IMPACT is Goodyear's revolutionary manufacturing technology.  This technology is 43% more precise than the current industry capability and benefits consumers with:
  • Improved ride, handling and tread ware
  • Reduced tire weight and rolling resistance
  • Improved tire appearance

Goodyear tires are built using different types of rubber that contribute distinct properties to the tire.  The rubber is fed between massive rollers to achieve the ideal level of tread.  Another type of rubber coats the fabric that is used to make the body of the tire.  Goodyear tires are inspected by trained technicians and specialized machinery. 

For Cars and Minivans:

  • Assurance Fuel Max tires have and advanced wet tread zone that evacuates water away from the tread for great traction on wet roads
  • Assurance ComforTred Touring tires have a comfort layer which helps provide, on average, 20% more cushion than standard passenger tires
  • Assurance TripleTred-tires made with enhanced gripping power for icy and slick roads

For SUVs/Trucks:

  • Wrangler DuraTrac tires offer enhanced traction in deep mud and snow with Tractivegroove Technology
  • Durawall Technology helps resist cuts and punctures to sidewalls on Wrangler Silent Armor tires
  • Large, stiff shoulder blocks and lower profile sidewalls help provide responsive handling and agility on Wrangler HP tires

For Sport Performance Vehicles:

  • The race-derived, multi-radius mold shape of Eagle F1 Supercar tires offers precise handling and smooth, even wear
  • Asymmetric tread design uses an outer tread zone for commanding dry grip, and a water-shedding inner tread zone to aid wet traction on Eagle F1 Asymmetric tires
  • Eagle F1 GS-2 EMT tires have a solid centerline and large shoulder elements that help deliver responsive steering and confident cornering

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